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Apr 18 14

Southwest Florida

by admin


Southwest Florida is on the southernmost part of Gulf of Mexico shoreline. When it comes to tourism, Southwest Florida is best known for its pristine and white, sandy beaches. Living in the area provides a laid-back yet active lifestyle. Currently, the most largest city in SW Florida is Cape Coral. In 2010, the city has 154,305 residents. Lee County, on the other hand, is considered as the most populous county.

In the past, during the late 1800s, Southwest Florida is not a well-developed area. It was only in the recent years when progress and development have started to create a buzz. A major real estate boom has been experienced and paved the way for urbanization. The skyline of Downtown Fort Myers started to change with the construction of high-rise condominiums. Commercial development and technology caused a lot of changes in Southern Lee County. There is also the eastern part of Collier County, where residential developments are spreading out in the area. The coastal counties and cities have experienced fast urbanization. Currently, the overpopulation of the areas along the coastline is being remedied. In contrast, the inland counties of SW Florida remained rural. The areas focused more on agriculture with important products being grown in the area.

Southwest Florida rapidly became the mecca for vacationers and travelers. The warm weather, beautiful beaches, and natural parks created a perfect getaway and point of interest. The beaches of Sanibel Island, Fort Myers Beach, Captive Island, Marco Island, Naples Beach, Bonita Beach, Cape Coral Beach, and Boca Grande offers fun and relaxation under the sun. Aside from the beaches, SW Florida abounds with great outdoor fun such as playing golf, adventure in the Everglades, fishing, shelling, shopping, dining, and many more.

Going in and out of SW Florida will not be a problem. There are 2 airports one can choose from. There is the Southwest Florida International Airport and the second one is the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport. There is also a seaport and railway, the latter traverses throughout SW Florida.

With tourism as the economic driver in Southwest Florida, the region has become a favorite vacation destination for many and for some who opt to stay for good – a home.

Those who stay for good, often decide to reside in either Sarasota or Naples. Naples offers many great golf communities, such as The Quarry (, where residents live comfortably in the lap of luxury while they enjoy a round of golf or soak up some sun on the beach.